Recovering from Life Changing Events

Three Avenues of Support to Aid Recovery

Mark Hanrahan, managing partner at Markmel Co., LLC in Urbandale Iowa, has more than 25 years of experience in the finance and real estate investment sectors. He holds many educational credentials and has accumulated multiple professional successes in his career. Outside of his professional life, Mark is passionate about helping people, especially those who are recovering from downfalls such as mental health issues, addictions, or other devastating life events.

Mark Hanrahan has outlined three main areas of outreach and help that you should consider seeking if you are recovering from substantial life events.

Professional counselling or therapy

Consulting with a professional therapist, counselor, social worker, psychologist, etc., can greatly aid in your recovery as they can help you understand the challenge that you are facing as well as help your team of medical professionals come to the correct diagnosis to provide any treatment necessary that may be required. They will help you transition through each stage of your recovery as you progress and equip you with various coping mechanisms and strategies for your recovery, and can help you address other issues and stressors that are affecting your life: relationships, financial stress, employment factors, etc.

Peer support programs

Hearing from someone else’s experiences can help you understand your own, and what you can expect as you go. It can also keep you encouraged to continue to work hard on your recovery when it feels difficult to, as you can ask questions about how other people overcame their challenging times and persevered forwards. Peer support groups also help to hold you accountable to your recovery and help you reach milestones and goals with support of friends that can relate to what that success will mean to you and will celebrate with you along the way.

Alternative therapy according to Mark Hanrahan

A recovery of any kind is well supported with alternative activities that will keep you engaged and create diverse strength in the skills that you will need to continue onwards in your recovery. These types of activities can include various sports such as recreational volleyball or soccer leagues, horseback riding, yoga, hiking, meditation, and many more options. Even adapting a committed exercise routine can be a great form of activity to keep you focused along your recovery. Mark Hanrahan himself has competed in over 60 triathlons and enjoys the challenge that each competition presents to him to test his limitations in both distance, durability and perseverance.

If you have experienced a significant life event that you are recovering from, such as a mental health illness, another form of illness or injury, or an addiction, these are three areas of support to consider adapting into your recovery plan long-term to ensure that your recovery stays on track with the success that you desire. Mark Hanrahan supports people through the charities that he works with who are recovering from situations like these and encourages you to seek the help that you require, so that your recovery continues to stay on the right track.

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